Through the centuries, India has always been one of the main centers of learning / culture, which has attracted people from all over the world. Trade also flourished and products made here still adorn the homes of most reputable of places.

India has a lot to offer, but because of its size, diversity and unique nature of production centers, -(many in the villages, with different languages and culture) It becomes difficult to tap its potentials. If one wants to take full advantage of its potential, one must either have one's own office here, or at least some sort of representation - which could handle things on similar professional lines.

Having a personal rapport with the factories goes a long way, but it is when you want to increase the supply base by adding on more vendors or want to diversify into other fields, than the role of a buying office comes into the picture.

As India is emerging as a growing sourcing hub for International Market after China due to good economic position & stable political situation. So to cater to this growing demand INDIAN MERCHANDISING COMPANY came into existence in 2006 to assist the foreign companies to grasp full advantage of Indian potentials.

Indian Merchandising Company

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